I didn’t come to Morocco to push my bike. I was seduced by vistas of the Atlas Mountains radiating improbable shades of ochre and green and red in the golden hour; smooth-looking gravel tracks disappearing into the distance; pedalling up passes and swooping down descents; desert skies strewn with stars at night; Berbers, camels, oases … Continue reading Shrugging


About 250 riders started the Transcontinental. Most I only saw on the startline as they charged on ahead findishing days ahead of me. I was surprised by the number I saw along the way; I'd guessed our routes would be very different but as it turned out many were ploughing a similar course. I decided … Continue reading #facestodots


It’s about 8pm on the 13th day of the Transcontinental - a Friday night. I’ve just crossed into Bosnia, leaving the EU for the first time on the ride. It’s Matthieu’s birthday and I find him and Thomas sharing a beer at a gas station on the edge of Gradiška the scrubby border town with … Continue reading Review