In audax circles, Paris-Brest-Paris is the big one. Run only every four years it's a 1200km ride with a route pretty much described by its name except these days it starts a little way outside the French capital (this year in Rambouillet about 50km out). Complete the epreuve and you can call yourself an ancien of PBP … Continue reading Ancien


The first month of the year takes its name from Janus the two-faced Roman god who looked back to the past and forward to the future all at the same time. I've already done some reflections on 2018 so it's now, belatedly, time to look ahead to what this year has in store. The big … Continue reading Targets


It's been a pretty benign December but it hasn't quite been the end to the year I wanted, going down with a chesty, phlegmy cough. Doing my normal ride up to Birmingham on Christmas Eve and back on the 27th to break the back of the Festive 500 probably didn't help and I've spent the last … Continue reading Reflections


About 250 riders started the Transcontinental. Most I only saw on the startline as they charged on ahead findishing days ahead of me. I was surprised by the number I saw along the way; I'd guessed our routes would be very different but as it turned out many were ploughing a similar course. I decided … Continue reading #facestodots


Riding across Europe requires some tough kit choices in terms of quantity, quality, comfort, speed and risks you want to run. I've spent quite a lot of time honing down my choices to take the things I need to cover any realistic eventuality but fingers-crossed nothing more. There are a few luxuries I've included to … Continue reading Kit